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(There is no fee for writers from abroad)

Membership to Writers Club International, Chandigarh, India is open to all creative poets and writers from any part of the world except India. (Writers from India may please visit : )  The biographical information of the member along with photograph (optional) and selected poems/fiction will be made available on this website.

1. Writers Directory (worldwide members)

Each member will be enlisted in Country-wise Writers Directory. We will create a personal webpage/s (up to 2500+ words) of the member on this website where his/her biographical information, photograph (optional) and selected literary writings (poems, short fiction, play etc.) will be published.

2. Book Reviews 

Reviews of Members' books will be included in the section Book-reviews. The poet/writer will be have to send us a free specimen of the book for evaluation.

3. Kafla Inter-Continental

Every member can contribute for Kafla Inter-Continental (our literary journal in English). Pl visit :

4. Literary News 

News/reports/any other information concerning our members will be highlighted in the section Literary News.

5. Our Publications

We undertake to publish creative literary books of merit written by our members on co-operative basis.  Enquiries/submissions solicited.  List of books published so far is available in our section Our Publications.


Enroll yourself now and be a proud member of the World of Words.  
There is no Membership Fee for writers from abroad. However donations are welcome.
This site is dedicated to writers from all over the world (except India)
For writers from India please visit :

For any clarification, submissions please write to:

Dev Bhardwaj
Director, IICCA
# 3437 Sector 46-C
Chandigarh-160047 (India)
email :;;

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